Full of Thanks

Last night I hosted Thanksgiving with my husband at our home. It was our first holiday as a married couple and my first time attempting to keep a turkey moist. As we prepared for the evening with lists and rearranging furniture, cleaning, more lists (the esthetician had a timeline, no shock.) I began to think about writing this post.

The holiday season is all about giving thanks, feeling blessed, and enjoying those you hold dear. Often we express our thankfulness via social media but to have the pleasure to be in your own home, surrounded by my parents and the new family I recently became a part of cannot be duplicated. Our usually drafty old home was warm and full of love last night. We had both doors open, windows cracked and everyone seemed to be chuckling at the warmth or ducking in and out to get fresh air.

The day began with my husband and I waking up without an alarm and having a little pow-wow game plan moment of what we were going to accomplish before everyone arrived. It felt like any other morning, I made coffee and Cory hopped in the shower. I’m thankful for those tiny moments every morning that we are both awake and chat about our goals for the day, or dreams we had the previous night, plot our world domination, and drink lots of coffee.

My mom, came over with extra chairs (we fed 18) and her giant nesco to cook the 20lb turkey so we had free stove/oven space for sides, she helped pull out the innards of the turkey and made a homemade stuffing, she showed me how to season it and then left to go home and get ready. Considering I cooked for my new in-laws I could not be more thankful that my mother lived close enough to show me exactly how she does Thanksgiving. I wish that every mother would help their daughter with their first thanksgiving with their in-laws. It’s a right of passage a lot of women go through, and not that it was nerve-wrecking or there was extra pressure, it was a special moment to have with my mom, that I know, not every woman gets.

My parents came back over later with an extra table in case it got too tight with all the folks in the dining room. I’m thankful that they always try to be prepared. It often is misconstrued as being worrisome, but I’m thankful for those “worries” because sometimes they have the best solution to a potentially uncomfortable scenario. It always comes from a place of love, and wanting everyone to be happy, comfortable and included. That is again, not something everyone can say they have, and for that I’m eternally grateful.

The family after indulging in all the delicious foods retired into a normal Midwestern pattern, men vs women where the men watched football and told tales and jokes, while the women poured over grandchildren pictures and made jokes while they cleaned up all the dishes and helped stock our fridge with leftovers. For me as an outside perspective, the scene unfolds exactly how it looks in the perfect story. I’m standing in my dining room of the home I own with my husband, my parents are chatting happily, and I am overcome with a moment of peace. I felt the same amount of peace at the intimate wedding ceremony we held in September.

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for so many things, the world is a crazy place. For a couple of moments last night I was able to take a mental snap shot of a wonderful, comfortable, happy, scene. This is the way the world is most of the time. This is the world that I live in. It is speckled with hardships, challenges, emotions, and responsibilities. Last nights, warm and comfortable feeling is not a dream, its reality. There is no reason to sweep the happy, thankful feelings under the rug to pay attention to the day-to-day hardships. In the future it would be nice to have this warm, peaceful feeling all the time. It’s not meant to be a naïve thought, but why not choose happiness and thankfulness instead of feeling like it’s a time of the year, or “season?”

I will never be able to duplicate a first thanksgiving, or wedding day, or special moment but I want to keep approaching them with a heartfelt appreciation for those who are sharing it with me.

To those of you who have read this little post and are reliving a wonderful memory with me, I thank you, because without lovely clients and friends and family, Wildflower Beauty would not be in existence. The individuals I am constantly surrounded by and meet shape my character.

Someone once said to me, “We do not pick the role we play in others lives.”

Her meaning behind this comment was, that I may be an esthetician to the woman who comes in for a brow wax, but during the appointment, my role my change to a friend, therapist, confidant, and to my friends I am their friend not their esthetician, they do not need my waxing skills, they need my ear, heart, or humor. Your role in others lives is determined by what they need and how they need you, and it is something big and awesome. When I need to reflect I often play those words back in my head.

I am thankful for the role I play in your life, however I fit.

I am thankful for the roles you all play in my life.

Thank you,


Wave your THANKS flag high and proud!

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