Wildflower Beauty Facial Waxing Experience

I think one of the differences between having an esthetician wax your brows or any area of your face and having a cosmetologist or nail technician is the experience.

Now, let’s not get carried away, I know full well that many beauty professionals across the spectrum are amazing at facial waxing. To clarify what I mean, I’m going to walk through what you can expect from a facial wax at Wildflower Beauty.

Imagine yourself laying on a comfy massage bed, heated blanket under you, the esthetician consults with you on your skincare as a whole, discussing medications, cleansers, products, cycles. Then she asks what type of shape or clean up to the brows do you prefer, if you have no opinion, you can relax knowing that she will keep the shape as natural as possible to insure you are happy with the result.

During your treatment you can relax, unwind, talk about your day, or feel at peace in the calming atmosphere. At Wildflower Beauty I have different types of wax, so if you know your skin is reactive, or I notice your skin is reacting, I will talk you through why a more sensitive wax may be your best option.

Healthy skin is the main priority.

If for any reason you are nervous during your wax, just ask to take a look at them, or hold the mirror while I work. Sometimes two sets of eyes can be better than one, and no one knows your brow shape better than you.

When we are all finished with the waxing or tweezing part of the service, I will place cool stones on your skin to help soothe and calm any redness. I also use a product by Whish called Flawless to help soothe irritated skin. The product has all natural and organic ingredients that you can pronounce to give your skin a kick start in the healing process. If you love how it works for your facial waxing, you can pick up your own bottle to use after shaving or waxing all areas of your body for less red, bumpy skin.

When the service is finished if you feel like you are a little red, which sometimes happens I can touch you up with a little makeup powder. I can also fill in your brows for no charge so you can see how to do it at home, or just to amp up your service and feel pampered. Again, if you love the brow pencil, you can purchase one for at home along with two other great brow products I have mentioned in previous posts. (Brow Gel & Powder)

Your service here should feel like a luxury. I don’t want you to feel rushed or skimped on any part of your time. I book 15minutes for your service but often times it takes 20-25 especially your first time. The attention to detail, and your skin is what makes the experience different.

Next time you want to get an area of your face waxed or need a consult on brow shapes, book at Wildflower Beauty.



(Next Week– DIY Salt Scrubs: A step-by-step to make it at home or for handmade Christmas gift)


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