2018 Trend: Underarm Waxing

Whoa, it’s the end of January 2018 already!? To be honest, this month sort of snuck up on me. Between the dreaded flu season, holidays, and frigid cold/snow I am happy to welcome February next week. It’s been a wild month here at Wildflower Beauty. I am in the process of getting a booth renter signed to share the space with me and some renovations have begun to make sure we can both continue our awesome businesses in harmony. Basically, 2018 started with a bang of a hammer…

Let’s get back to a favorite topic, waxing. In fact so far this month the most popular waxing service for the first time ever has been, Underarm Waxing. That’s right, people are eager to find out just what happens with prolonged waxing of that pesky underarm hair.

Personally, I don’t know how I managed without it. I’ve been consistently waxing my underarm hair now for 6 years. At this point, I would rather let my hair grow in a natural pace/length than shave. Seriously, for a brunette, it’s a game changer. Start by letting your underarm hair grow in for 10-14 days. (even longer if you dare!) You’ll get the best results the longer you let it grow in, just like all the other body waxing areas.

After you’ve grown your hair out come in and see me. The underarm wax takes less than 15 minutes, and if you have ever had your upper lip or bikini area waxed, I promise you can handle the pain. If you are nervous about the pain, I have a little clove-based, natural, numbing gel, you can apply and let it soak in. The longer the hair is the less painful the wax will be. Mostly because if the hair is longer, the wax will grab it out on the tug rather than having to individually pluck each tiny hair left behind. You will be red for about 24hrs after your underarm wax, remember there are a lot of nerve endings there as well as lymph nodes. I do not recommend deodorant for the first day of your wax to make sure the skin stays clean and heals without irritation. You can use witch hazel or aloe as a cooling agent and to help with any odor you may notice that first day. If you use a natural deodorant, feel free to experiment and see if there is any immediate irritation. If you use an antiperspirants beware, there may be a sting if you apply right after your wax!

Now that your underarm is free of any pesky hairs what kind of upkeep is associated with this service?

I like to say you can book your underarm wax to coincide with other services for convenience. Sync it up with your Brazilian, bikini, brow, or other body waxing service. If you are local though you can stop in every 3-4 weeks for your underarm wax. Some clients prefer to go 3 weeks in the summer to keep their underarms free of hair growth. Think of the smooth skin you can get for a tropical vacation, one less thing to shave.

If you start in the winter, there’s a good chance the hair growth will slow and lighten by the time the spring/summer months appear and you’ll forget all about the few hairs that grow between waxes.

Welcome to 2018, wouldn’t it be nice to check underarm shaving off your goal list?

See you soon,


(Next Week, Smooth Skin tips for the Shave-a-holic)

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