Shave-aholics Anonymous

Last week was the first blog for 2018. We discussed underarm waxing as a trend for Wildflower Beauty. How often do you shave your underarms? Every day? How about your legs? Daily? Weekly?

Other estheticians may say, “Don’t talk about shaving when you spend your career waxing!”

I say, desperate times call for desperate measures and I think that no matter what waxing is a better solution but I recognize that once in a while a girl’s got to bust out that razor.

Some of you have been reading the blogs and noticed that I favor a product line called, Whish. They have an assortment of great of your skin products with minimal ingredients that you can pronounce. They are also leaping bunny certified so no animal cruelty!

Whish offers a wonderful product for those times when shaving just HAS to happen. They have a Shave Crave Cream that is hands down the most luxurious shave cream I have used on my own sensitive, reactive skin. (You can snag some at the shop.)

I can remember shaving my legs for the first time around the 6th grade. I have dark brunette hair naturally and very fair, porcelain skin. I have endured a life long love-hate relationship with my body hair. On top of that, I have some sensitive, red bump, ingrown hair skin. Now you see why I have chosen to wax for the past 7 years.

The minute I realized the results I had been missing from waxing my legs, I was a changed woman. I waxed my legs every 4-6 weeks for 5 years. I didn’t care about the outgrowth because my legs finally were pain-free, not to mention sans red and bumpy from daily shaving. When I decided to carry Whish at the shop I noticed a lot of their skin care kits included the shave cream so for the sake of experiments I tested the product myself. Shaving after not shaving for 5 years, even just my lower leg was it’s own test, let me tell you…

I was pleased to discover that even though shaving is tedious, with the right shave product it wasn’t painful. I used the Shave Crave and a brand new, clean razor. Afterwards I used the Flawless product by Whish to treat razor bumps, it’s the same product many people apply after waxing to keep skin smooth and bump free. I found that although the sand paper feeling of the hair growing back was the same at least my skin was not angry. It felt like I had discovered gold!

I’m not a born again shaver, believe me, I think I will always take leg waxing over having to shave daily for the rest of my life. My leg hair is pretty patchy on my shins from repeat waxing. If you must shave though, follow these easy and skin healthy steps to try to be gentle on your skin:

1. Use a clean new razor. EVERYTIME. I don’t care what type of razor you use, make it a new one. Any tiny cut, left over skin cells or moisture are accumulating on your razor post shave and growing bacteria, that is being reintroduced to your skin when you reuse it. Can you say GROSS?

2. If you like to shave in the shower try to use luke warm water so that your skin is not overheating. While the warm water opens your pores, it’s also allowing any bacteria or irritants into the pores as well. I like to shave before showering that way, I can stay warm and use less water.

3. Lather your skin in a product that is good for your skin! I realize for many of you shaving is a mindless act you participate in daily. You have perfect skin, it doesn’t get irritated and you use water or your body gel as a lather. While that may work for you, for others you will need a great product to help those pesky hairs stand on end to get the closest shave possible. Not to mention something that will drench your skin in moisture that your hot shower may be stripping from the skin while you drag a razor over it.

4. Treat your skin post shave. Try using something for post shaving on your legs or underarms. A serum or cream to soothe the skin not just moisturize. Whish has some great post shave serum and gels to help inhibit hair regrowth and calm skin so that you don’t regret that spontaneous shave.

5. Wait 2-3 weeks and then book your waxing appointment.

The thing about shaving is it’s temporary. We all know it is removing the hair at the skin level no matter what growth cycle the hair is in. Shaving is instant gratification until the next morning when the stubble starts. With waxing once you’ve made the investment long-term, you can get that smooth feeling even as the hair starts to grow back because the hair is thinner and over time hopefully patchy too!

You should feel good knowing whatever hair removal method you use, or don’t you can still take care of your skin which is the most important part. I enjoy answering questions on shaving, waxing, tweezing, epilating, laser, trimming, etc.

Ask away!


(Next Week—Studio Bloom comes to Wildflower Beauty)

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