Studio Bloom + Wildflower Beauty!

Something new and awesome has begun at Wildflower Beauty in 2018. Buisnesses should evolve, grow, improve, how about collaborate?

Part of my business plans for 2018 include sepearating the shop space into booth rentals for beauty professionals. I started marketing the open spaces right around Christmas time and by New Year’s had begun talking with Melinda of Studio Bloom.

This week marked the second week together in the space. Her room is adorably decorated and feels super cozy. As many of you know, we love all things gold at the shop. (Have you seen the Gold Display Ladder?) Check out Melinda’s Gold Mirror!

Melinda has been in the hair industry for 23 years. She enjoys all aspects of hair styling but loves putting her own creative spin on a client’s idea and making their hair vision a reality. She is using Pravana color line and Neuma hair products to keep your hair and scalp, healthy and happy. Neuma products are free of synthetic ingredients and fragrances, infused with essential oils and sustainably made in the U.S.A. Again, things that Wildflower Beauty looks for in healthy skincare products too!

As exciting as this new collaboration is there is still room for other beauty professionals here in the space. As 2018 continues I hope that more local amazing talent will set up shop here and we can create a community of beautiful boss ladies who care about the products they are putting on their body and making clients feel naturally gorgeous, inside and out!

Your Trusty Esthetician,


(Next Week–What’s in my Makeup/Skincare Travel Bag)

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