Epilating 101

Raise your hand if you’ve personally used an epilator before? You would be surprised at the amount of people who swear by the hair removal tool.

I was first introduced to epilating in my esthetic textbook, it briefly covered the mechanical device and the teacher assured us that nobody in America or since the 80s uses those anymore and we would stick to waxing and laser in our hair removal education. While there are a few things this teacher skipped over, after meeting a client 5 years later while waxing her upper leg and Brazilian for her wedding she explained to me all about epilating.

“Someone introduced it to me when I lived abroad in college, and I never looked back…” She even shared the brand with me she loved. I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to see this ominous sounding tool and I found it for sixty some bucks. It has proven well worth the investment. Let me clarify, she only used her epilator for her legs and underarms, and was getting her Brazilian professionally done and her upper leg as a splurge. In case you were curious why she was getting waxed if she swears by an epilator…

Here’s what I love about an epilator:

No water waste, you can plug it into any available outlet and get to epilating!

I have personally waxed my legs for the past 6 years pretty faithfully, every once in a while last year I shaved my lower leg. (I regret it every time) I was single and living in Madison when I started experimenting with epilating. Those of you who wax regularly won’t mind growing out your hair, but those of you who are religious shavers, may have some trouble. I recommend almost a week of growth before you epilate, but if you wait the full 4 weeks, then the hair is actually–too long! I know, I tell you all it can never be too long for waxing because it can always be trimmed, but when it comes to epilating, too long will not only be super painful and potentially clog your tool, but it could lead to hair breaking and cause ingrown hairs.

So what does this mean? You can epilate more often than waxing for similar results!!!

If you’ve had a tattoo before or had your legs waxed, I compare the pain to somewhere between the tattoo sensation but less painful than waxing, but not painless. You have to hold it at a 90 degree angle when running it along the skin though or else pinching or pulling of hairs occurs and that just makes it more painful.

What is an epilator? Why are you telling us about this when you run a waxing business?

An epilator is a mechanical tweezer. Hundreds of tiny tweezers rotate on a head that looks a lot like an electric shaver. When placed at a 90 degree angle to your skin and used against the hair growth it pulls out each and every individual hair. FAST! I can usually epilate my lower legs in under 10 minutes. The head removes after you are done to clear out the tiny hairs that get plucked out. Usually I do mine over a towel so it doesn’t make a mess.

The reason I am talking about epilating is because I still think it’s a better alternative to shaving and it keeps the hairs coming back soft, thin, and sometimes not at all. Not everyone can handle epilating their own legs, and for them there is waxing. Also if you are in a bind and don’t want to shave, there’s epilating! Especially in the summer when boat or beach weather can sneak up on us.

I personally have one by Braun, it looks similar to the picture and has 2 speeds. Low and High. It has been running steady since 2015 with no complaints. I have not used it on my bikini or underarms. I tried a underarm once and the angle needed to get it at 90 degrees was so painful that I figured I would stick to waxing for that one.

As for using it on the bikini area, you try first, and let me know how it goes! HA!

Stay Tuned as I bring in new services this year to the shop and take on a second job entirely outside the industry…




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