Wildflower Beauty 2019 Upgrade

Happy 2019!

It’s been awhile since I’ve carved out some time to make a blog post. Big changes came at the beginning of this year, I moved locations to downsize my space and focus on services, products, and cut costs on some overhead and waste associated with running Wildflower Beauty.

The new space is located within a building that houses 4 hairstylists, including a micro blading specialist. Everyone runs their own rented space so they are in charge of their own station/room and can have the freedom to make their own hours and services. It came to my attention last summer sometime around the last blog post actually, that it would be on the market and I talked with the owner about securing the treatment room for 2019. The square footage was really attractive, but the entire building itself has been completely remodeled and has a modern feel to that fits well with the direction I want Wildflower Beauty to lean into as my own little business grows.

I think coming into the third year of Wildflower Beauty it’s important to focus on honing the brand. While I love the plant based, natural vibes that come with offering fantastic waxing and skin care services I wanted to amplify that Wildflower Beauty is also current. I attended some classes in 2018 that made me realize I wanted to simplify my menu, focus on making my treatment room a space where clients can feel comfortable but also confident that their esthetician is up to date. I sourced out new skincare products, sugar hair removal products, and have been looking into providing new lines of airbrush sunless tanning as well ,to get the best result with the least irritating ingredients. Currently, I’m working on new ways to cut down on waste while maintaining a hygienic environment and comfortable waxing experience. As a small business I feel I have direct control over how much garbage I am producing and the cost of disposable, non-recyclable products.

I changed up the menu and business card design a bit to give it a fresh look. The new space is still being organized and decorated to reflect the new vibe but the new change of scenery is exactly what I needed to breathe new life into Wildflower Beauty. It’s easy to get stale in this industry, we get in a groove with our regular clientele and forget that the world continues to gift us with knowledge. New products, new talent, new technology, even changes in our licensing requirements are all factors that should be addressed with each new calendar year. Moving into a space with other like minded business ladies who like to be current and offer their knowledge and talent to their clients is a great atmosphere to be in.

Here’s to hoping you’ll stop by and check out the new space in 2019 and see what changes have been made to make your Wildflower Beauty experience even better. Maybe it will inspire you to reevaluate how you are living your own life in a positive way. Keep searching for knowledge and ways to be comfortable and confident in your skin. That’s the only new year’s resolution worth following.





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